Educational Links to Help You Stay Organized & In-the-Know

We’ve collected some of our favourite pet parent resources for you! Learn more about important pet health topics, find a breeder, get tips for curbing unwanted pet behaviours and more.


Sign up for a MyPetED profile and easily store all important information about your pet online so you won’t have to rummage around your house for it!


This online dog owner community has tons of practical information for pet owners on topics from nutrition and grooming to training to health and care.

Treating Fleas

Get helpful information about protecting your home and your pet from fleas.

Dr. Sophia Yin, Animal Behaviourist

Here you’ll find scientifically tested tips for training your dog or cat, as well as sound advice for eliminating unwanted behaviours.

Hilary’s Blend

Get nutritional information and supplements for home-made meals for your pets.

In House Radiologist